Savanna Animals
Ultimate Spotlight

The Ultimate Spotlight books have all the fun, facts, and hands-on action of the fabulously successful Ultimate series, but in a focused, more-compact, and affordable format. Flaps, pull tabs, and many other moveable parts show young children how the different animals in the savanna live, survive, and play. Lift a flap to see inside a termite mound, turn a wheel to observe lion cubs practicing their hunting skills, or flip the page to see a pop-up scene of animals at the watering hole. Chock-full of age appropriate information, this book provides young readers with a closer look at the wild and amazing world of the birds, beasts, and bugs that live in the savanna.

  • Publisher: Twirl
  • Publication date: 30/07/2019
  • ISBN: 9791027607044
  • Page extent: 14
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 271 mm x 185 mm
  • Age: 5+
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