What the Dog Saw
In the past decade, Malcolm Gladwell has written three books that have radically changed how we understand our world and ourselves. Here, he brings together, for the first time, the best of his writing from The New Yorker over the same period. Here is the bittersweet tale of the inventor of the birth control pill, and the dazzling inventions of the pasta sauce pioneer Howard Moscowitz. He explores intelligence tests and ethnic profiling and "hindsight bias" and why it was that everyone in Silicon Valley once tripped over themselves to hire the same college graduate. This book is yet another example of the buoyant spirit and unflagging curiosity that have made Malcolm Gladwell our most brilliant investigator of the hidden extraordinary.
  • Publisher: Back Bay Books
  • Publication date: 06/05/2010
  • ISBN: 9780316084659
  • Page extent: 528
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 171 mm x 108 mm
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