Brain Quest For Threes Smart Cards (Revised 5th Edition)
It’s fun to be smart! These two illustration-based card decks are packed with early learning questions that promote language development, cognitive growth, and social skills for fifth graders. Loved by kids, teacher approved, and trusted by parents, Brain Quest For Threes question-and-answer cards help children explore and learn about the alphabet, counting, recognizing shapes, comparing and matching, and more! In a set of two decks, Brain Quest For Threes features hundreds of questions to help kids learn exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it. Featuring: Two full-color Q&A decks in a reusable flip-top storage box A parent guide to help maximize the learning and fun 300 questions that set the foundation for pre-school learning What’s New? Technology questions: Introduce children to the basics of computers and technology Expanded social and emotional learning: Explores feelings and interactions with peers Updated content: Fresh and relevant to today’s families Brain Quest decks are: Aligned with early learning, child development milestones Vetted by award-winning educators Great to play with and learn from
  • Publisher: Workman
  • Publication date: 09/05/2023
  • ISBN: 9781523517237
  • Page extent: 120
  • Format: Boxed Cards
  • Dimensions: 181 mm x 60 mm
  • Age: 3-4
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