Pillow Talk
When college freshman Grace Mendes reluctantly attends her first pillow fight match, she falls in love with the surprisingly gritty sport. Despite her usually shy, introverted, and reserved nature, Grace decides to try out for the Pillow Fight Federation (PFF), a locally famous league of fighters with larger-than-life personas like Pain Eyre, Miss Fortune, and champion Kat Atonic. They may battle with pillows, but there is nothing soft about these fighters. The first and only rule to pillow fighting is that the pillow needs to be the first point of contact; after that, everything else goes. Grace struggles with deep-seeded body image issues, so she is especially shocked when she makes the competitive league. As her first official fight performing as newly crafted alter ego/ring persona Cinderhella looms on the horizon, the real battle taking place is between Grace and her growing insecurities.
  • Publisher: HarperAlley US
  • Publication date: 30/04/2024
  • ISBN: 9780358525714
  • Page extent: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 216 mm x 153 mm
  • Age: 14+
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