Holding on to You

Roxanne "Rox" Stewart has always loved Joshua "Shu" Blackbird⁠—before the world loved him too. Eight months ago, Rox and Shu were stuck in their tiny middle-of-nowhere hometown with no prospects of leaving. But after Joshua posts a performance of an original song on YouTube, he becomes an overnight sensation. Suddenly, the boy Rox loves is a massive celebrity on a whirlwind national tour, catapulting to dizzying heights of fame. The new life is glamorous and exciting for both of them⁠—but it's not long before the stress and complication of being in the public eye begins weighing them down. With the constant hunger of managers, diehard fans called "Birdies," record execs, paparazzi, and family all leeching onto Joshua⁠—it seems impossible for Shu to survive the gauntlet of fame, and stay the person she always knew. Then one day, Joshua Blackbird disappears. Was it an accident? Was it intentional? Rox will stop at nothing to find out the truth, even if no one else believes there's something to find. She won't let go of her love⁠—the boy she knows is still out there.

  • Publisher: Penguin US
  • Publication date: 07/04/2020
  • ISBN: 9780147512123
  • Page extent: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 211 mm x 140 mm
  • Age: 12+
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