The Glitter Parade
Sparkleton #02

It’s a magic emergency! Sparkleton’s gloomiest friend, Gabe, gets his unicorn magic just in time to star in the annual Glitter Parade! But Gabe’s new power is more embarrassing than a garden of moldy mushrooms. It’s Confetti Magic, the power to make rainbows, confetti, and fireworks shoot out of his horn. YUCK! Only the bubbliest, cheeriest (aka most annoying) unicorns ever get Confetti magic—and that is NOT Gabe. It must be a mistake! Or a practical joke. Luckily, Sparkleton has a glitteriffic idea to help his friend before Gabe has to perform the worst magic ever in front of everyone he’s ever known!

  • Publisher: HarperCollins US
  • Publication date: 09/06/2020
  • ISBN: 9780062947949
  • Page extent: 96
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 194 mm x 130 mm
  • Age: 6-10
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