The Author's Negroni

Wm Brown Farm, New York

My house cocktail deviates slightly from the 1:1:1 formula, leaning heavier on the Campari and gin and lighter on the vermouth than the classic version. Good ice is not as important to me as a good glass, and the choice is always crystal, preferably something from my Baccarat collection.


1¼ ounces (40 ml) Campari

1¼ ounces (40 ml) London dry gin

¾ ounce (20 ml)

Punt e Mes vermouth

Slice of orange for garnish


Combine the Campari, gin, and vermouth in an old-fashioned glass filled with ice. Stir and garnish with the orange slice.

*This recipe is an excerpt from The Negroni by Matt Hranek (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2021.


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The Negroni

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